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Quick Report


InfoCredit online

InfoCredit online - a unique service which enables fast and easy access to business information provided in an electronic way. Complex and fresh data offered by the system will let you localise and check the credibility of your business partners whilts clear analysis will become useful when making strategic decisions.

The basic product offered by InfoCredit online is a company report – Quick Report. Quick Report includes such data as registry data and address information, financial data provided by companies' Balance Sheets and Profit & Loss Accounts, employment figures, management, shareholders, auditors and bankers.

  • Amadeus Database – – pan European database of commercial reports and financial statements. Among others, it is widely used in benchmarking studies for transfer pricing purposes.
  • Quick Analytics – a specialised tool for fast and efficient searching and analyzing financial data of groups of numerous companies. Extremely useful tool for transfer pricing analyses of external comparables.
  • Tegiel Database – a historical database of 125 000 Polish companies with financials.
  • Benchmarking studies – selection of financial comparables or „tailor-made” benchmarking studies are valuable support of any TP documentation.
  • Custom Data Bases – contain quality and quantity data about Polish and foreign companies, e.g. auditors, exporters and importers of goods or lists of potential customers.
  • Quick Automotive – a unique combination of companies’ financials with information regarding car fleet owned by each company.
  • Quick International – credit reports on over 90 million companies from 21 countries