About the Company


InfoCredit is the oldest Polish private Credit Reporting Agency founded in 1990, owned and managed by Ms Iwona Surdykowska-Huk. The company provides business information and verifies credit liability of companies.

InfoCredit offers and provides credit reports on companies as well as supplies financial data bases.  In both cases, the sources of information are Monitor Polski B ("Business and Judicial Journal B"), The National Court Registry (the KRS), information provided by companies as well as by their partners, press publications, the internet and other sources.

The authenticity and integrity of financial data bases as well as of the reports, both on national and foreign companies, are the result of InfoCredit's long-term experience in that market field plus of the high European standards that the company implements when collecting and processing data.


Since 1996 InfoCredit closely co-operates with the top European financial data base producer - a Belgian company Bureau Van Dijk at the creation of a unique financial data base of over 11 million companies from all over Europe.

In Poland, InfoCredit created its own data base - TEGIEL, containing data on Polish companies (public, private, joint stock companies, limited liability companies, co-operatives and others).

Credit reports offered by InfoCredit are mainly used for the verification of potential business partners (future clients, contracting parties or suppliers).

Financial data bases have a wide application field in in-depth and fast branch, market and company analysis, credit analysis, assessment of financial standing of companies, evaluation of trade partners and competition, market research (when planning a marketing strategy) or at planning company's future strategy (development of activities, freezing, profile change, target group change).

Such entities as banks, consulting companies, investment funds, leasing companies, commercial enterprises as well as educational institutions profit from our long-term experiences.

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